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OU Extended Campus students are balancing life with work, family and other responsibilities. We offer a variety of certificate programs that help students advance in their careers with specialized certifications in areas they’re passionate about.

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Administrative Leadership

Gain the skills you need to lead positive change.

The Graduate Certificate in Administrative Leadership equips students with a more specialized understanding of leadership. To complete the certificate, you must complete 12 hours of required coursework, including studies in the culture of organizations, theories of management and leadership, the individual’s role in leadership, and the intersection of ethics and leadership. You must also choose an elective—either in decision-making, project management, or organizational communication—to complete this certificate.

Corrections Management

Serve with Pride. Lead with Confidence.

The Corrections Management Certificate provides an opportunity for individuals working in the corrections, probation and parole, and rehabilitative services fields. To complete the certificate, you must complete six hours of required coursework, including Penology and Ethical Decision-Making for Criminal Justice, and six elective hours in a wide range of topics. Elective hours include courses such as Community Justice in the 21st Century, Restorative Justice Programs for Drug Offenders, Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System, and Gangs in the United States.

Helping Skills in Human Relations

Believe in your real-world succes.

The graduate certificate in Helping Skills in Human Relations provides professionals in a wide variety of helping professions with the knowledge and skills to improve relationships and to be effective and ethical helpers. Individuals who work in or desire to work in helping agencies, nonprofit and business organizations, government institutions, the military, schools and universities, religious organizations, athletics, advising, personnel services, hospitals or any other setting in which helping skills are a necessity will benefit from this program.

Human Resource Diversity and Development

Transform Human Resource Management

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Diversity and Development will help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the contemporary workplace. Students will learn how to develop such skills as leadership and team building and will learn how to address social justice and diversity issues in such settings as private or public businesses and corporations, schools and universities, hospitals and healthcare agencies and nonprofit and government agencies.

Restorative Justice

Seriving the law and the common good.

The Restorative Justice Administration Certificate emphasizes leadership, program and project development, victim and offender services, and community-oriented approaches to crime prevention and restoration. To complete the certificate, you must complete six hours of required coursework, including Ethical Decision-making for Criminal Justice and Victimology and Restorative Justice, and six elective hours. Elective hours include courses such as Human Trafficking, Community Policing, and Juvenile Justice.

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